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We understand every business is different, which is why G3 Advisory has set up exclusive services to get your project/strategy off the ground after Day 1. Our goal is to make sure you can articulate your product vision and have actionable steps that leads to growth and ultimately scale. 

General engagement types include, but not limited to:

  • Business Management Consulting

  • Technology Advisor

  • Startup Consulting (e.g. Operations, Risk)

  • FinTech Consulting

  • Project and Program Management

  • Corporate Governance

  • Not-for-profit Management

  • Accelerator/Incubator Value Proposition

Initial Consultation (30 min)

An initial introductory call will allow us to better assess your business needs and find out if our services work for you. This is a free and no-obligational call to get to know you and your business better.


Expert Consultation (1 hour)

This call type is specifically designed for large enterprises and their representatives. It will generally involve either a specific department/group or a strategic project that requires regulated subject matter expertise. 


Startup Founders (1 hour)

Are you a Founder or Entrepreneur? Pre-series B or currently at an accelerator or incubator? We can chat through your current funding challenges: prototype, product roadmap, vision, regulatory frameworks and resource management. This is more than a coaching session, it's to help you grow and scale.


Not-for-Profits (1 hour)

Are you part of a not-for-profit (public charity or private foundation)? Do you want to improve your operational workflows? Do you need additional project or program management guidance? This call is specifically designed to make sure your organization continues its mission. G3 Advisory Experts have created not-for-profits and served on multiple boards.

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